How To Install Bird Netting

Bird netting or anti-bird netting as its popularly known is a form of bird pest control. It works by preventing birds from reaching certain areas such as fish ponds, mining ponds, fruit fields and buildings. For the unit to give you the service you deserve, you need to know how to install it properly. Here is a guide on how to go about it:

Dig post holes

You should start by digging post holes on each corner of the area that you want to cover with the netting. You can use different tools to dig the holes, but one of the best tools to use is a clamshell post hole digger.

For optimum support, space the posts 15-18 feet apart. After digging the holes set the posts. The posts can be as tall as you want depending on the height of the plant that you are protecting.

Place the netting

After installing the posts you should now install the netting. To do it you should place the netting over the posts. As rule of thumb ensure that the netting covers the length of the posts. To keep the unit attached to the posts you need to use netting support wires.

You can install the support wires after placing the net, but it’s recommended that you install the wires before the net. To hold the wires tightly across the top of the posts even with temperature fluctuations, tie a brick to each hanging wire.

When installing the netting be cautious and ensure that it reaches all the sides. For ideal results ensure that it reaches all the way to the ground.

Once on the ground, secure it in place with ground stakes or weights. Great weights to use are sand bags, rocks and heavy pieces of wood.

If there are any pieces of netting that are large enough to be used somewhere else, cut them.


To protect your crops, fish and house, install a bird netting to prevent the birds from getting in. While there are many materials that you can go with, stainless steel is the best. In addition to being tough and flexible, it’s also non toxic thus you don’t have to worry of damaging the environment.