How to Get Rid of Cockroaches by Yourself

There are certain species of animals that are called “natural survivors”. Not only are cockroaches able to live in all kinds of environment conditions (including heavy radiation), but they also have a huge reproduction rate. Which is why an infestation will give you serious nightmares.

How to Prevent Cockroaches

The best thing you can do is not let an infestation happen in the first place. Here is how you can avoid it.

Do not let dirty dishes or uneaten food out in the open. Food is what draws them in and you’ll be surprised how fast they can find it.
Sweep your floor regularly. If there are any food crumbs or sticky spots, they can draw roaches in. Get rid of those.
Do not let dishes in the sink overnight. Another food source for your nightmarish infestation.
Keep pet food away. Do not let uneaten dog or cat food outside overnight.

Fix your plumbing. Water and humidity also draws roaches in. If a pipe is dripping, don’t put a vessel under it, fix it.
Inspect walls for cracks. Cracks is what serves for shelter to the cockroaches and they will most probably make the inside of your walls their home. You can never be absolutely certain you fixed all cracks, as they will find any new ones, but it is an additional insurance.
In general, keep your house clean and roaches will find it unpleasant to live in and simply decide not to visit you. If you however already have an infestation at hand, better prepare for serious trouble. You can always call professionals to get rid of it, but if money is tight, here’s what you can do.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Clean your house. Everything I said you should do in the prevention part – do it now. And do it from now on. It won’t get rid of the roaches, but you need to do it anyway.
Fix your plumbing. Another long-term solution that should be done if it’s not already.
Caulk or plug all small cracks. It might slow them down. Look for cracks and holes around wall shelves or cupboards, pipes, sinks, and bathroom fixtures.
Find where they gather. You probably already know where they gather. They probably came from the kitchen, or the bathroom. Most often from the kitchen, because there’s both food and water. Look around shelves, sinks, coffee machines, microwave.

Do not use insect sprays. Despite the commercials, insect sprays are most ineffective way to deal with roaches. Sure you might spray a few and see them die, but you have only a million more hiding between your walls. And, besides – cockroaches mutate in a lifetime. That’s right, if you expose them to a spray long enough, they will mutate to become immune to it. You can change the spray, but they will mutate to the next one too. And in the mean time, they’ll breed.
Get poison. You can find a product like that from any pharmacy. Once a cockroach eats the poison, it does not die immediately, but once it gets back in the nest. Afterwards other cockroaches eat the dead one and get poisoned themselves. This creates a wave of death and is undoubtedly the most effective method to get rid of the pests.

Bad news is, you should expect a second wave. So you might have to repeat the kill. This happens because despite this method being really good, a part of the infestation will migrate to a different part of your house.

The survivors will stay there for a while until they increase in numbers and after some time they’ll come back. This is why they are called natural survivors. If you’re not sure about commercial poisons, you can always make your own at home.

How to Make Your Own Cockroach Repellent

This roach powder can be easily prepared at home and is effective for repelling roaches. Borax is the active ingredient – roaches walk through it, then later ingest it and die. Remember to keep the powder away from children and pets. The ingredients are:

  • a cup of borax;
  • half a cup of flour;
  • a quarter cup of confectioners’ sugar;
  • a cup of cornmeal.

Mix all the ingredients and sprinkle the powder in all the dark, warm places that cockroaches love: under sinks and ranges, behind refrigerators, in cabinets and closets. Vacuum or sweep it up from time to time, and replace it with fresh powder. After it’s all over, don’t forget to clean up the poison from the floor if you are successful in your mission.

Long time no see, everyone! I took a huge break from the cleaning topic, but now I’m back with new curious tips and tricks. Thanks to Aussie Tenancy Team for this incredibly helpful guide on cockroaches. Aussie is an end of tenancy cleaning London based company and have helped lots of people in the capital present a clean property to their landlords and ultimately get their security deposit back.