Head Lice Resistant to Pesticides

Head Lice are a terrible problem nobody wants. Not only do they cause terrible itching, loss of sleep, and embarrassment but they are getting harder and harder to control. It is reported that 25 of the 50 states now have “Super Lice” populations that are resistant to just about everything used to treat them.

Why is that? How can these tiny human parasites of the scalp be practically untreatable? It is because of a science-based phenomenon known as Pesticide Resistance.

If there is a population of bugs treated with a certain synthetic pesticide, for some reason a percentage of that population is not controlled. These bugs are ‘superbugs’ that have outwitted the chemical creation meant to kill them. These survivors lay eggs and their offspring are also immune to this particular man-made pesticide. They now procreate with abandon as there is nothing to stop them.

So science (and chemical companies) think, let’s use another synthetic chemical poison and this time we’ll make it stronger. Well, guess what? The same thing happens. You can use hundreds of created-in-a-laboratory toxins and eventually a “Super Head Lice” has been created. That is where we are.

The absolute key here is SYNTHETIC. Most pesticides on the market today are man-made, synthetic creations that do not exist in Nature. For some reason, if a product used to control bugs isn’t natural, Pesticide Resistance occurs. And it will always occur.

So the solution to treating head lice isn’t lab-created pesticides but natural ingredients and processes. Nature has the checks and balances worked out fine – it is Man who has come and botched things up.

An excellent ingredient for control of head lice is cedar. The same cedar like cedar chests and closets where you never see a bug. Nature made cedar deadly to pests but harmless to people, pets and the environment.

Other treatments are the tedious effort of picking out the nits (eggs) which is exactly where the term nit-picking originated. Years ago, this is what all families did – they combed and combed each night until all eggs were gone which eventually arrests population growth.

But treating with natural products works wonders and saves a great deal of effort. It is even possible to prevent head lice by lightly applying a natural product on the hair and belongings before school.

The infestations of head lice are not going to subside – they are actually going to increase with fewer options to treat them. Be knowledgeable about what works so you can safely and effectively control these created-by-man “Super Lice”.

Louise Hodges is the owner of Greenbug which offers effective, safe and green pest control products using cedar oil as the active ingredient. You can now safely eliminate pests without using toxic chemicals!

Greenbug products kill and repel all the pests you don’t want such as Head Lice, Mosquitoes, Ants, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ticks, Roaches, Stink Bugs, Silverfish, Dust Mites, White Fly, etc. but cause no harm whatsoever to beneficial creatures such as butterflies, lady bugs and honey bees.