Have Spring Pests

Spring is coming fast, and we all know what that means; pests. The warm weather brings out a whole array of pests eager to enjoy the warmth and looking for food. So, what can we do to protect our homes and other important places?

The first line of defense is going to be repair and prevention. Animals coming out of winter are starving and have used up fat stores put away for winter. Animals in warmer regions may not be as ravenous, but places that have your typical winter will have pests fighting to get some food. So, this means you want to make sure any food in and outside is locked away and stored in tight containers. Any holes or damage that could allow a pest access needs to be repaired.

Animals are also looking to build this time of year. Some animals have already had their young and have them in dens, but for other, this time of year is all about getting ready for those spring babies. Animals that have established nests and dens will be doing their own repairs, but many will be starting fresh nests. Squirrels are one animal that has multiple nesting sites for young for easy transfer if one is threatened or damaged. Because of that, some animals will be looking for new or alternate homes in yours, or will be taking pieces of your home to build theirs. Insulation is a big one that gets attacked, but there are many materials that will get attacked.

Next is cleaning! Spring cleaning is no joke. It’s time to air out the rooms, clean out your winter wear, goodwill runs, weed pulling, etc. It is also a very important time to clear out nests and any nooks and crevices that sat untouched throughout the winter. Have a gardening shed you didn’t use much? Clean it out. Is there an old car sitting unused? Make sure to check the engine and interior. Animals build nests in these places. The only thing to look for is babies. Most animals don’t have their young until spring is established, but looking up information on the animal you are clearing out will tell you when they typically have little ones in a nest.

Once you have cleaned out and repaired possible pest sites it’s important to focus on prevention. There are many options out there on the market. It really is going to depend on the situation and result you want. Some people want to actually kill pests, using sprays and traps. Other people want to just relocate animals. Catch and release traps are a good option for this, but so are ultrasonic sound deterrents. These high frequency sounds create a chaotic environment for animals and deter them from the area.